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"One for all & all for one!"

Team Building

Unlocking your teams creative potential:

Leading art wellness team building events for business & educators.

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"Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation,
creativity, and change
-Brene Brown


Team Building

What we do
(aka the magic we bring to the table either virtually or to your home)

Team Hugging

A team that plays together thrives together!

We provide:

  • Art wellness evenings

    • Which include:​

      • Mindfulness and breath-work​

      • A chosen art medium that lends itself to a mindful theme (customized to the needs of the client)

      • Reflection, conversation and fun!

  • Event planning (support and/or event management)

  • Decorations 

  • Party favors

How does it work?
(aka where to start and who to call)


Elevate & Create
"The Art of Becoming"

Step 1:

  • Choose a theme (take a look at the photos)​​

  • Have a rough idea of what you're looking for

Step 2:

  • Set up a call with Amanda 

Step 3:

  • Take a deep breath, knowing Create & Elevate Events has your back and is going to create magical experiences for you and your team!

What are the basics?
(aka money matters & the nitty gritty

All of our in person & virtual Art Wellness Team Building Events

have this basic structure which you get to build upon,

and it looks something like this...


Relate & Paint
"The Art of Allowing"


Surrender & Sketch
"The Art of the Process"


Let Go & Sew
"The Art of Doing The Next Right Thing"

Initial deposit:

  • 50% paid up front​

    • Secures the date​

Event Basics:

  • Cost based on size of team

    • Small to large teams

      • $45 - $35 / person​

        • for 90 minutes of fun​

  • Payment due 7 days prior to the event

    • No changes can be made after this payment​

Team Building Event Skeleton:

  • Art Wellness Team Building includes:​

    • Set up ​​
    • Welcome & introductions ​​​​

    • Breath work - opening meditation

    • Creating time

    • Breath work - closing meditation

    • Reflections, celebrations & farewell

    • Clean up

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