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Building Models

Creative play is where its at!


1:1 Sessions

Unleashing creative potential: Nurturing the next generation of creators with Create & Elevate Events.

"Creativity is intelligence having fun."
-Albert Einstein



1:1 Sessions

What we get to do...

Planting Seeds


We connect:

  • 1:1 (Virtually or In Person)​​

    • Which includes:

      • Mindfulness and breath-work​

      • A chosen art / creative focus that you want to practice, hone and get support in.

      • Reflection, conversation and fun!
    • For Kids
      • Parents must be present (at home) during the session

How does it work?
(aka where to start and who to call)

Clear Slime

Learning through play!

Step 1:

  • Have a rough idea of what you're looking for / what you would like for your child & I to work on 

Step 2:

  • Set up a initial call with Amanda Lin

    • We will get to know each other, chat about specifics​ & see if we are a match

Step 3:

  • Take a deep breath, knowing Amanda Lin & Create & Elevate Events has your back and is going to support you on you creative adventure!

What are the basics?
(1:1 sessions with children - the parent/ caregiver must be present

All 1:1 sessions have this basic structure which you get to build upon,

and it looks something like this...

Kid Painting

Water  color,  Acrylic & Drawing
Basics, learning as we go & leveling up

Hands on Slime

3D Art
Paper mache', sculpting,  sewing, mixing etc.

Working on School Project

Crafting & Creating 
Using our imaginations and the tools around us!

The world is our oyster!
What medium do   you want to use & let's go on

Initial phone call:

  • 15 minute facetime

    • We will talk about:

      • What kind of creative person is your child

      • Your creative goals & what you would like to get out of the sessions

      • My background as a creative, educator and spiritual person

      • How all of the sessions are child centered and build of the previous one

      • Scheduling 

      • Location


  • 30 minute sessions (only Virtual)

    • $50​

  • 1 hour sessions

    • $100 (Virtual)​

    • $150 (In Person)

  • 90 minute sessions

    • $150 (Virtual)​

    • $200 (In Person)

  • 2 hour sessions

    • $200 (Virtual)​

    • $250 (In Person)

1:1 Sessions:

  • Basic structure:​

    • Check in​​
    • Grounding breath work​​​​

    • Creative time

    • Closing breath work

    • Farewell

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